Implantation Testing

Implantation testing is one of several biocompatibility tests, reserved for medical devices that are placed in the body’s internal tissue, bone or cavities. As such, ...
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Injection Molding and Plastics for Medical Devices

What to Consider When Injection Molding PEEK for Medical Devices The injection molding process allows device manufacturers to quickly convert PEEK into complex component designs. ...
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Medical Plastics

Medical plastics have been adapted for use in many healthcare fields, including spinal fusion, trauma fixation, orthopedics, cardiovascular, dentistry and prosthetics. Medical polymers are also ...
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Custom Extrusion of Medical Plastics

Medical thermoplastics like PEEK are compatible with several conversion processes, including custom extrusion. During extrusion, the plastic is melted and converted into a continuous, uniform ...
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What is a PEEK Lumbar Cage Used to Treat?

Lumbar cages are spinal implants used in patients suffering from chronic or degenerative back conditions, including: Spinal stenosis Degenerative disc disease Scoliosis Spondylolisthesis Fractures, tumors ...
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What Is A Cervical Cage

A PEEK cervical cage is an interbody spinal implant used during anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF). It provides a stable surface for bone to ...
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What Are Biocompatible Polymers?

Biocompatible polymers are medical-grade plastics that are safe to use in medical applications. Some of these polymers can be implanted for many years without fear ...
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How Are PEEK Rods Used in Lumbar Decompression Surgery?

Lumbar decompression surgery is a complicated procedure, and one that requires proper fusion of lumbar vertebrae. The addition of PEEK devices like spinal rods have ...
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What are Important Applications of Polymers in Medicine?

Polymers are serving critical roles for the medical field, from single use instruments to life-preserving in vivo devices. These instruments and devices are made from ...
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How Are PEEK Screws Used?

PEEK screws are replacing stainless steel and titanium surgical screws in many instances, and they can be found in various orthopedic and trauma fixation applications. ...
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PEEK Interbody Device

PEEK interbody devices have been in use for well over a decade and are integral to several spinal fusion procedures. This includes anterior cervical discectomy ...
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What Are The Advantages of PEEK in Rod Form?

Stock PEEK shapes like rods allow for thicker cross-sections and extended lengths, beyond what is possible with injection molding. PEEK rods can be extruded with ...
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Materials Used In Medical Implants

Medical implants are tightly regulated by the FDA, and they can only be manufactured from biomaterials that have a proven safety record. This includes several ...
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Artificial Disc Replacement

In recent years, artificial disc replacements made from PEEK have garnered interest from researchers. The initial studies are promising and confirm that the high-performance polymer ...
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Medical Plastic Devices

According to a report put together by Grand View Research, the medical plastics market is expected to climb above $33 billion by 2025, up from ...
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PEEK Partial Denture

PEEK possesses a range of properties that make it ideal for partial dentures. These advantages are compelling to both dentists and their patients, which may ...
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