About Genesis Medical Plastics

Genesis applies decades of advanced thermoplastics processing technology to polymer conversion capabilities that are fully focused on the needs of medical device manufacturers.

A Transition Driven by Customer Requirements

Our medical polymer conversion business began as a specialized operation within Drake Plastics, a world leader in the production of stock shapes and components made from high-performance thermoplastics.

As Drake’s medical polymer conversion business grew, it became apparent that customers’ unique quality, regulatory and service requirements would be best served by a dedicated operation. This was particularly critical as customers requested support for projects involving implantable PEEK.

Genesis Medical Plastics was established to focus solely on satisfying these stringent requirements. Our dedicated production capabilities transform customers’ medical polymers and proprietary formulations into the stock shapes and components they require. In addition, the team we’ve assembled brings extensive industry, applications and materials experience to support customers at every phase of medical polymer conversion projects.

Genesis Medical Plastics is ISO 13485:2016 certified to facilitate polymer conversion projects involving implantable PEEK and other medical grade thermoplastics. We will also work to meet regulatory standards that may be required for different regions including Notified Bodies in the EU, ANVISA in Brazil and NMPA in China.

Investing for Efficiency and Simplicity

Our investments in dedicated facilities have a customer-driven purpose: help reduce the cost, time and complexity of converting implantable PEEK and other medical grade polymers into the usable forms that our customers need for their medical devices.

Versatility characterizes our state-of-the-art melt-processing capabilities. They include stock shapes extrusion, injection molding, and PEEK film calendering.  All afford a broad range of efficient custom sizes and configurations. We also offer CNC machining to convert stock shapes into precision components.

Genesis’ conversion capabilities and experience make these special services possible to further simply projects for our customers:

Genesis Medical Plastics Mission

We convert medical grade polymers including those for human implantation into products for our customers worldwide and do so with consistently high quality and impeccable service.

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