Why Eviva

Eviva is the brand designation for an implantable polysulfone (PSU) polymer developed by Syensqo.* A high-performance thermoplastic, it is targeted at long-term implantable medical device applications that require transparency.  In its natural form, Eviva PSU has a very slight yellow tint that does not interfere with its clarity. It is also available in an opaque white color. The material can be melt-processed by injection molding, and extruded into stock shapes for machining into intricate device configurations.

What Are the Key Properties of Eviva Implantable Polysulfone?

Among the notable performance features of the implantable polysulfone are its strength, rigidity and toughness. It is dimensionally stable and highly resistant to hydrolysis. Eviva PSU is also compatible with all common sterilization processes.  Its exceptional transparency makes it unique among polymers developed for devices in contact with bodily tissue and fluids for 30 days or more. It also can be used for devices that have internal contact for periods beyond standard polysulfone’s limitation of up to 24 hours.

Syensqo produces Eviva PSU resin in its dedicated cGMP-compliant and ISO 13485 certified facility. The implantable thermoplastic is tested in ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, and has regulatory approvals in the United States, Europe and China.

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