Radel 5500 PPSU – Comprehensive Overview

Radel 5500 PPSU, a polyphenylsulfone polymer, has a melt viscosity ideal for extrusion of machinable stock shapes.  The thermoplastic is amber in its natural form, and available in healthcare colors. It can be used for medical devices exposed to bodily fluids and tissue for up to 24 hours.  

Genesis extrudes Radel 5500 stock shapes in the resin’s natural amber tint and a range of healthcare colors.

What are the Key Properties of Radel 5500?

Like all Radel PPSU resins, the 5500 extrusion grade excels in its hydrolytic stability and resistance to all common sterilization media. Its longevity after repeated cycles in steam, ethylene oxide gas, vaporized hydrogen peroxide and high energy gamma radiation exceeds that of most other high-performance plastics. It also features high strength and toughness, and resists most chemicals and cleaners used in healthcare facilities.

Does Radel 5500 Comply with ISO 10993 Requirements?

Radel 5500 is compliant with ISO 10993 biocompatibility standards for devices that are exposed to bodily tissue and fluids for less than 24 hours.

How Does Radel PPSU Compare to Other High Performance Medical Plastics?

Compared to polysulfone, Radel has similar physical properties and a higher level of temperature resistance. It also withstands more steam sterilization cycles. Two polyetherimide grades, Ultem HU1000 PEI and Ultem HU1004 PEI, offer similar physical properties and sterilization tolerance but have higher rigidity.

What are Typical Healthcare Applications for Radel 5500 PPSU?

Biocompatibility, performance and healthcare colors have made Radel 5500 PPSU a leading material for short-term implantable devices. For example, the versatile medical plastic has a leading position in precision-machined color-coded sizing trials used in total joint arthroplasty surgical sets. Radel 5500 PPSU semi-finished shapes are also precision-machined into prototypes, surgical tools and similar medical applications.                                                     

Genesis Medical Plastics Capabilities in Radel 5500 PPSU

Genesis is ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified and FDA registered as a device manufacturing facility. Capabilities include prototyping, machining, injection molding and extrusion of semi-finished shapes.

Specifications –


Rod diameters

  • 4mm – 152.4mm
  • Custom & larger diameters on request

Plate thicknesses

  • 4mm – 31.75mm
  • Larger thicknesses on request
  • Maximum width 610mm

All semi-finished shapes are made to order, with reasonable minimums.

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