Who Is Genesis Medical Plastics

Genesis Medical Plastics was formed in 2016 to better serve the specialized requirements of the medical components and life science industries and serves as a contract manufacturer of medical devices. To provide resin-to-component high performance polymer solutions for medical and life science customers. Genesis Medical Plastics delivers lean solutions for prototype to production needs including material selection expertise, state of the art conversion services and exceptional customer service.

  • Providing material knowledge to help customers select the right material and process from concept through production
  • Reducing barriers, both in cost and time, to convert specialty medical grade polymers in usable forms accelerating the introduction of new products
  • Producing and certifying to the quality systems and standards expected by medical customers

Genesis Medical Plastics is organized to be a “one-stop shop” converting either small quantities of specialty polymers for prototyping or higher volumes for production components made via precision fabrication or injection molding.

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