What Is Medical Plastic And What Are Its Uses

Medical plastics are of great value to the healthcare industry and are used in everything from surgical instrumentation to life-preserving cardiovascular devices. Medical plastics come ...
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Advantages of a PEEK Cage vs Titanium Cage

PEEK and titanium are the primary biomaterials used in fusion cages, but PEEK has a few decisive advantages over titanium. Recently published research also suggests ...
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What are the Different Types of Plastic Grades for Medical Plastics?

Plastic in various forms has improved nearly every field of medicine and serves a variety of roles in a medical facility. For example, medical plastics ...
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What Medical Devices Can Be Made From PEEK?

PEEK’s superior material properties make it a fit for many areas of medicine, including spinal fusion, dentistry, trauma fixation and cardiovascular medicine, among other fields. ...
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The Polymer Engineering and Science Behind PEEK

For PEEK manufacturers, it’s the physics and materials properties behind the polymer that are most relevant. PEEK’s chemistry is also noteworthy because its chemical structure ...
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What is PEEK’s Thermal Conductivity?

PEEK is a thermal isolator, so it does not readily conduct heat into nearby materials. It’s also an ideal electrical isolator, and together, these properties ...
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Drake Plastics Launches Genesis Medical Plastics

CYPRESS, TX, February 2016—Drake Plastics announces the formation of Genesis Medical Plastics to better serve the specialized requirements of the medical device and life science ...
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